Friday, May 17, 2013

Fat week

Hopefully my paycheck will be just as fat as I've been eating.  I only worked out on Monday this week, and I've been eating a lot of sweets again.  I can't help it, I love to bake.

I skipped work tonight.  Fuck Thursdays.  I went and saw a movie and got my lady faps on to the hot actors.  Much better use of my time.  I could be making money, but I also could be torturing myself to a useless night with nothing but pissed off, broke bitches all competing over a few broke losers.  Thursdays are usually slow, so I usually skip them.  I don't need torment.  I can make money tomorrow.

Oh, on a good note, more steps are being taken to becoming a student again.  I even applied for a vanilla job... I'm feeling so ballsy.  Perhaps why I'm not so inclined to go back to the club.  I'm trying to work on my life on paper.  The bills never seem to go away, so neither will the stripping until my life on paper brings in some actual paper.  I can't be a student forever.  Maybe this major will pay off.  I know what not to do this time.  SLACK OFF...

I'm actually really excited to go back to school.  I'm good at school.  I'm a great, sexy student.