Sunday, November 17, 2013

Can never run out of firsts nor broken records

First for me tonight: Some dude insulted my face.  As I'm walking from my vehicle to the club entrance, a young-ish guy who was smoking said he liked my pants.  

And I was just a little sweetie by smiling and saying thank you.

But he had to ruin it and say, "Yeah, they're not like your face."

I couldn't have handled it better: just kept walking.  How do you respond to that?!  YOU DON'T.  "Fuck off, loser," is not even worth the breath nor the attention.  Dissing is so desperate.

Not my favorite way to start the night.  The club was fairly busy tonight.

Broken records: got a sweatpants boner man customer.  It's always THEM that ask me for a dance. Just, old, ugly and gross.  They really are "low-ballers."  I lol'ed when he said, "yeah let's do another song, I really wanna release this time."  Fucking cheap perverts don't motivate me to make them cum with their awful haggling.

A lot of people complimented my ass.  Apparently my secret blend of carbs and exercise keep it firm yet full and the "nice ass" record broken.

Another broken record is the stinkiness.  Some dude I apparently ambushed upon his strip club arrival  (couldn't just be a coincidence I was the first girl to talk to him) had the nastiest breath and wouldn't stop talking and trying to put his sweaty hands on my ass.  Now that I write this, I realize he was part of the drunk crowd who probably had a shit load of drinks and blow.  No WONDER he was so annoying!  Ok, story's over, you know what ends up happening.  I get fed up with their stupid, time-wasting chatter and bug for a dance in a negative way so he says no and I can seamlessly get the fuck away from him.  Just, ew, ew, ew.

Aside from all that bullshit, the money made it worth it, so it's no worries.