Sunday, November 3, 2013

Everyone is trying to fuck me

Good god, what a strange night.

Ass hole tried to rip me off, couple snuck pictures of my ass with no permission, and I got propositioned by like every guy I danced for tonight.

I almost want to work at some other club.  Maybe I need a change.  I don't want to change, I'm comfortable, but I'm just not excited about stripping sometimes.

Lucky me working two nights a week allows me to miss it during the week, so the energy makes up for my "checked-out" attitude.  And sometimes I just enjoy my job, and I am a happy stripper.

Despite all the bullshit, because there was a lot, and I'll spare you some tonight.  I got that extra hour and I used it up.  I got to work late and make money til the end.  Fuck yeah.

Now the sun is up.  Before 7.  Later, DST.  See ya next spring.

Lately I've been scoring high on my academics, and that makes me happier than stripping.  Yay real life!

Another thought: there was a lot of bitching in the dressing room tonight.  Like, more than usual.  Go figure, it's rent week.

Goodnight, have a lovely day.