Saturday, November 20, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

This will be my stripper journal.  I will attempt to share as much as I can about my experiences as a normal girl dancing her way through college.

This might be my only route to sanity as I have been doing this for two years, dancing on the weekends to pay the bills; the industry has already fucked my mind and I am due for a vacation.  Perhaps just putting it out there might help - out of my head - on the screen for the world to see what kind of shit I deal with three nights a week.

Every weekend I witness normal men just acting at their worst behavior.  It is a topless bar...  Thank goodness I get to keep my panties on all night.  Every man at the stage wants to put his dollars in my pussy or stick their fingers in my butt, every man wants to slap my ass real hard, some leave marks -and I want to kill them when they do.

I remember about six months ago a man hit my ass so hard it left a mark.  I have no pain tolerance, either.  As he hit it, the pain just killed my buzz and I reacted before I controlled myself.  I slapped him right in the face.  I don't like to make a scene, so instead of having him kicked from the bar, I had to diffuse the violence quickly and back away and flirtatiously say, "You like it rough, don't you?"  This happened on two occasions.  I guess PMS is a good defense mechanism.

They all want to fuck me.  Every single one of them would tap it if I asked them, whether it be for money or not.  I'm tired of people trying to suck my nipples, I fucking hate it.  Keep your fucking germs off me. 

I guess there are a few positives about working at a titty bar.  I make my own hours, I make quick money, I can take as long a vacation I want, and I still always pay the bills.  It's the perfect job for a busy college student. 

It just comes with some seriously harsh consequences.  I work in an incredibly poisonous environment.  As I mentioned before, men are just acting a fool, the girls that dance are all nasty druggies that have kids, the drugs are incredibly available, the bartender is a total bitch, and money and every kind of bodily fluid and every kind of liquor have touched every surface on your chair.  Oh and occasionally there will be jizz on the floor of the private rooms.